Time syncing in Hyper-V with AD and virtualized DC

From Hyper-V manager, go to the settings for the DC VM, go to integration services, and uncheck time sync.

If this is what’s showing, it’s wrong:

[dc1]: PS C:\Users\chris\Documents> w32tm /query /source
VM IC Time Synchronization Provider

After disabling the time sync integration thing, run this (I had to do it twice to get it to work properly):

[dc1]: PS C:\Users\chris\Documents> w32tm /resync /rediscover
Sending resync command to local computer
The command completed successfully.

Then running the /source command will show the following:

[dc1]: PS C:\Users\chris\Documents> w32tm /query /source

A group policy has to be configured on the PDC to configure the Windows Time service.

Some more output after everything is working:

On the DC

[dc1]: PS C:\Users\chris\Documents> w32tm /query /status
Leap Indicator: 0(no warning)
Stratum: 2 (secondary reference – syncd by (S)NTP)
Precision: -6 (15.625ms per tick)
Root Delay: 0.0573343s
Root Dispersion: 7.7756200s
ReferenceId: 0x84A30465 (source IP:
Last Successful Sync Time: 4/24/2016 4:55:26 PM
Source: pool.ntp.org,0x9
Poll Interval: 6 (64s)

On a client

PS C:\Windows\system32> w32tm /query /source
PS C:\Windows\system32> w32tm /query /status
Leap Indicator: 0(no warning)
Stratum: 3 (secondary reference – syncd by (S)NTP)
Precision: -6 (15.625ms per tick)
Root Delay: 0.0885773s
Root Dispersion: 15.5867755s
ReferenceId: 0xC0A80AF6 (source IP:
Last Successful Sync Time: 4/24/2016 5:01:35 PM
Source: DC1.ad.domain.net
Poll Interval: 10 (1024s)

Hyper-V general access denied error

this happened after moving the virtual hard disk file to another location and then back. (don’t do that).

when attempting to start the virtual machine, there will be an error that lists the VM ID.

You need to change the file permission to give that ID access to the vhd. After trying to start the VM, go to Event Viewer > Security to be able to copy/paste the ID.

C:Windowssystem32>icacls “C:UsersPublicDocumentsHyper-VVirtual hard disks
CentOS_4718B377-1732-4CA3-9C51-35C69A06B939.avhdx” /grant “NT VIRTUAL MACHINED9E1CDE4-C06C-4E22-9B23-81EBB646B8A4”:(F)
processed file: C:UsersPublicDocumentsHyper-VVirtual hard disksCentOS_4718
Successfully processed 1 files; Failed processing 0 files


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