Clean install Windows 10 Pro on a machine that originally had Windows 10 Home

By default, when installing from USB, Windows setup will detect the Home key in the BIOS and won’t allow you to choose to install the Pro edition.

The easiest/best way is to change (or add) ei.cfg on your install media to show the edition screen regardless of whether the BIOS has an embedded product key. Create ei.cfg in the sources folder on the USB media with these contents:


Otherwise, if the Home OS is already installed, choose to “upgrade Windows version” or “change product key” and enter the key VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T.

SpyTec A119 dash cam firmware update

SpyTec doesn’t have the firmware on their website, but this doesn’t matter. Use the firmware from Viofo (the company that manufactures the camera):

It’s as simple as plugging the camera into your PC, putting the .bin firmware file in the root of the SD card, then plugging the camera into the car (or a USB charger). Wait a minute or two for the firmware to update (you’ll see the Record light blinking while the updating process is running) and then you’re done. v4.01 is the latest version (and almost certainly the last update this camera will get).

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